DSC_0174Hello there. Welcome to soundnomad.com. My name is James and I am a creative type specializing in, amoung other things, Audio and Video Production. I have worked a lot in Music & Live Events and now work with organsations and businesess to help them make use of Digital Technologies for educational purposes and Digital Story Telling.

I started Soundnomad.com in 2009 originally as a travel/creative blog with a view to document my physical journey geographically and my developmental journey into deriving an income online with the intention of being able to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

The Site

soundnomad.com aims to be a useful and expanding resource for anyone wanting to Travel on a budget and / or work remotely anywhere in the world. As well as discussing and reviewing volunteer and employment opportunities one of the website’s main aims is to help anyone who wants to develop a Lifestyle business solution for themselves. Initially there will be a slight weighting towards South East Asia as that is where I spend a lot of time but don’t let that put you off. South East Asia is awesome!!

This internet lifestyle business journey, for me, has so far been a slow process and anyone who says it’s easy is most likely trying to sell you on a dream of lounging about by a pool and working 4 hours per week. Don’t get me wrong, The Four Hour Work Week is a great book and Tim Ferris is definately a genuine soul who gives great value in all that he does – it is just naive to take that notion liturally and think that running one’s own business online is an easy alternative to hard work. I have learned the hard way to be weary of anyone who says it’s easy.

I have encountered many pitfalls and obstacles along the way; Natural disasters, ill health (including 2 broken hands) and life in general have all added to my journey and therefore helped to define it but I would say I still have the same passion and desire to succeed in my endeavours despite any of these setbacks when it comes to living a location independent lifestyle. And it is this kind of commitment, in my opinion, that is all that is required to succeed in developing a location independant business and lifesytyle. Work hard, play sensibly, travel further and live life to the full. Please do get in touch if you would like to connect and feel free to comment on the blog. Your input is valued and appreciated.

All The Best